Washington Department of Natural Resources Climate Resilience Strategy Workshop Recap

On October 3rd, the Puget Sound Climate Preparedness Collaborative co-hosted a half day workshop with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (WA DNR) on their forthcoming climate resilience strategy and local level needs related to climate preparedness.  Over 45 experts from various sectors, primarily from the central Puget Sound region, attended the workshop to better understand DNR’s approach and high priority climate related risks and response. Additionally, the workshop helped to shape the planning process based on the challenges, needs, and opportunities we face in planning for and building climate resilience.  

Some key findings from the workshop included the need for better statewide coordination on climate resilience strategy along with funding to support implementation of actions on a local level, and more transparency on how the decisions are made on a state level.  There was also a recognition in integrating equity and tribal partnership as a priority in order to develop a cohesive strategy plan.

In addition to this workshop, the WA DNR hosted a similar workshop in Chelan County. Input from these workshops will be considered with an outcome of a statewide plan to be published in the next few months.

Update as of 4/15/20
The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has released a statewide climate resilience plan for mitigating the effects of climate change on Washington’s public lands and reducing the agency’s carbon footprint.  The resilience plan also includes seven chapters on resource-specific needs and opportunities, including priority responses for DNR’s programs in the following areas: Forest Management; Agriculture, Grazing, and Leased Trust Upland Management; Ecosystem Conservation, Natural Areas, and Natural Heritage Programs; Aquatic Resources and Coastal Management; Landslides, Tsunami, Groundwater, and the Washington Geological Survey; Wildfire Management; and Recreation.

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