Past Event: Managing Western Washington Wildfire Risk in a Changing Climate

The Puget Sound Climate Preparedness Collaborative, along with co-hosts from the University of Washington Climate Impacts Group, the Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center, and the Tulalip Tribes, hosted a one-day workshop on Managing Western Washington Wildfire Risk in a Changing Climate on Monday, December 3 in Tulalip, WA. 

Recent smoke events in western Washington – driven by large wildfires in the Northwest, British Columbia, and California – have raised concerns among western Washington communities about climate change and the impacts of more wildfire in the region. Is this “the new normal?” How will climate change affect the potential for wildfire west of the Cascades, and what can western Washington communities do to address that risk?

The workshop provided an opportunity to:

  • Share and discuss what we know (and don’t know) about climate change impacts on the potential for wildland fire west of the Cascades
  • Share and discuss strategies to help reduce the risk and consequences of wildland fire in western Washington
  • Identify near-term and longer-term information, research, partnership, and coordination needs related to this topic
  • Engage in peer-to-peer learning, networking, and a cross-disciplinary exchange of knowledge and ideas regarding approaches to preparing for wildfire


Event Agenda

Workshop slides

Western Washington Wildfire: Past, Present, and Projected Changes

Understanding and Managing Today’s Wildland Fire Risk and Impacts
Cody Watson, Fire Brigade Chief, Seattle City Light 

Escape from Diablo
Official trailer for a 12-minute community wildfire safety video created and produced by Seattle City Light employees for the towns of Diablo and Newhalem. The full length video premiere was turned into a community event that included food, fire trucks, safety exhibits, family activities, and an expert panel.

Perspectives on Preparing for, Responding to, and Managing the Impacts of Wildland Fire in Western Washington

After the Smoke Clears: A Virtual Field Trip to the 2017 Norse Peak Fire
Brian J. Harvey, Assistant Professor, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences

Wildfires risk expected to increase on Washington’s westside
Lizz Giordano, HeraldNet

Wildfire risks in Western Washington
Glenn Farley, King5 News

Preparing for Wildfire in Puget Sound

Photo from United States Forest Service


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